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Icon of the Week: Joy Ubani

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United Colors of Fashion likes to highlight individuals who have committed themselves to making a positive difference in their communities while using fashion as a tool. Every week, UCOF recognizes a leader who has shown tremendous passion for philanthropy and fashion, whether regionally or world-renowned.

This week, United Colors of Fashion would like to highlight a young achiever of resembling values– Joy Ubani. Joy is an entrepreneur, and the Founder of the Beneath Your Beautiful campaign, a platform aimed to encourage girls and women to embrace their identities and boost their self-esteem. Originally from California, this ambitious woman currently resides in London, and has been able to take her passions internationally. Joy is a fashionista, and has a passion for blogging, traveling, bringing dreams to life and engaging with those who do the same.

What is Beneath Your Beautiful, and what was your motivation for creating this campaign?
Beneath Your Beautiful began as a social enterprise to facilitate discussions and challenge the media’s ideas of fashion and beauty. It has evolved into a platform purposed to inspire women to pursue their passion. Through BYB, women are encouraged to journey together to reinvent the way media shapes our self-confidence.

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Look Du Jour: Ariana Levy (and Gabrielle Levy)

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Name: Ariana Levy (and Gabrielle Levy)

Age: 23

Current City: New York City Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Occupation: Assistant Fashion Designer/ Fashion Blogger

How would you describe your personal style?

As cliché as this sounds, I wouldn’t say I have any definitive style. When it comes to life, I try to lead and not follow. However, I love following trends because my taste changes so often that fashion gives me a way to try new things and new personalities season to season. One season I can be totally boho-chic, and another I can be decked out in black and grunge to the max. But regardless of the trends, or even the time of year for that matter, I am the most comfortable in a great pair of skinny jeans, Adidas, and a solid black tee.

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Williamsburg School Hosts Its First United Colors of Fashion Seminar

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Williamsburg School Hosts Its First United Colors of Fashion Seminar

By Ada Onuegbe

IS 318 in Williamsburg hosted a four-day United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) seminar last week. Customized for prospective students, Vice President of Fashion Education Michael Palladino lead the students through a condensed version of the non-profit’s course, Fashion 360. Topics such as fashion history, terminology, career paths and marketing were covered over the daily three-hour period, which ran from July 20th through July 23rd. The grades of the students ranged from two recent middle school graduates about to enter high school through middle school age. The seminar was hosted with the support of Principal Windley and the IS 318 staff.

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