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Ajak Deng & Sessilee Lopez wear their hearts on their sleeves for United Colors Of Fashion.

Ajak Deng-backstage at our Fashion Benefit- photo by Luan Luu

JOHANNESBURG – If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) 2012 Annual Gala and International Fashion Benefit would have opened even the most reluctant eyes to see. The UCOF benefit was held on October the 17th, at the Museum of the City of New York and themed as: “Be Glamorous, Glamor Gives”. When the call for giving went out, there was no lack of glamorous responses from industry legends such as Pat Cleveland and current runway divas such as Ajak Deng and Sessilee Lopez. Currently the hottest accessories to the runway, Deng and Lopez opened their hearts with thrilling enthusiasm to help the cause of UCOF by walking in our fashion show on the night.

The Gala was held in aid of our mission to raise funds for people with HIV at Soweto Hospice in Johannesburg, South Africa. UCOF also raises funds and awareness for sickle cell anemia and paralysis. We will visit South Africa in March, 2013 to spend time delivering gifts, handing over donations and engaging with patients at Soweto Hospice and the children at the associated Mapetla Day Care Center.

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Fashion Humanitarian Organization, United Colors of Fashion (UCOF), sets a standard for engaging glamour & generosity

NEW YORK, NY (October 17, 2012) – The Museum of the City of New York burned a bright golden orange tonight, that of United Colors Of Fashion’s logo, a Fashion Philanthropy organization, which aids charities for children living with HIV and AIDS and supports the arts and fashion education in New York, as celebrities, fashion icons, and philanthropist engaged in their annual themed Benefit Gala: “Be Glamorous: Glamour Gives.”

The Benefit Gala commenced with an awards ceremony honoring celebrities and philanthropist such as Grammy award winner Dionne Warwick, and Phillip Bloch, Hollywood’s celebrity stylist, for their humanitarian efforts. Amongst other honorees were former model and muse to Givenchy, Sandi Bass, who was honored as UCOF’s “Casting Director of The Year,” by iconic supermodel, Pat Cleveland, and former America’s Next Top Model judge, Miss Jay Alexander. “It was a delight to have had legendary Pat Cleveland walk in our show. It was a fascinating night to remember. What we do at UCOF is investing in the lives of those who lack resources. When you invest in the empowerment of young adults, you offer guidance for our future leaders, designers and entrepreneur,” said Ciano Clerjuste, President of United Colors of Fashion and founding partner.

The awards ceremony commenced with fashion photographer, filmmaker and former judge of America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker, who delivered a speech commissioning the mission of UCOF and urging for advocacy to make differences. “We can all do a lot more, in fact we can all do something, in fact we all too very often do very little.” Mr. Barker praised UCOF for “bringing the issues of the world together and the fashion industry together.” Bukiwe Sangqu, the spouse to the UN Ambassador to South Africa was also honored.

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Fashion Humanitarian Organization, United Colors Of Fashion, announces Annual International Fashion Benefit: “Be Glamorous: Glamour Gives”


NEW YORK, NY (September 17, 2012) – United Color of Fashion (UCOF), a New York City based Fashion Philanthropic organization, welcomes fashion industry professionals and philanthropists to partake in their Gala benefit on October 17, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum of the City of New York. This event is as an encore ovation presented post Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

United Colors of Fashion has selected Nigel Barker, world renowned fashion photographer and former judge of America’s Next Top Model and Philip Bloch, widely considered to be Hollywood’s premier fashion stylist, as Honorary Chairs. Dionne Warwick, international musical legend and Grammy award winner has been selected as honorary co-chair of the event. These three honorees have been philanthropically inclined and reputable for their diplomatic relationships.

UCOF harnesses the creativity and giftedness of New York’s underprivileged, aspiring artists to help them become successful professionals in the Fashion and Arts industry. With funds generated from this artistic collaboration, UCOF partners with South African aid organizations to provide relief to children with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia and paralysis, who are unable to obtain proper care through normal channels.

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Dreams do come true…

UCOF would like to re-introduce a name that is very familiar to the fashion industry, Sandi Bass. She joins the UCOF team as our 2012 Casting Director. Sandi brings with her more than twenty years of expertise in the fashion industry.

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World Renowned Producer, Jan Malan Joins the Board Of Directors at United Colors of Fashion to produce its Annual International Fashion Benefit

Africa´s most celebrated fashion show producer, Jan Malan has partnered with United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF), to produce it´s annual international fashion spectacle titled “Be Glamorous; Glamour Gives,” in New York on October 17, 2012 at the Museum of the City of New York.

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Artistic Director is defined as executive of an arts organization, particularly in a theatre company, that handles the organization’s artistic direction.  This is exactly what United Colors of Fashion has discovered in the talents of Ms. Claire Livingstone.  Her talents and dedication to dance will be a tremendous factor in the organization´s Annual Gala.  However, before we can pick up our dancing shoes, let´s look at Ms. Livingstone´s history.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg Recap: Fall 2012


African Fashion International (AFI) made history in South Africa this year, with its first edition of Merc

edes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg, which took place at Hyde Park in the historic metropolitan city.

When United Colors Of Fashion was planning its 2012 charity trip to South Africa, we thought it was fitting to plan the trip around Joburg Fashion Week- we use Fashion For Humanitarian Causes and our pursuit to bring hope and a sense of well- being to about forty-five HIV-infected children at Mapetla Day Care in Soweto, the time with AFI was ideal.

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Indeed United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) is a non-profit organization like no other; it stands adamant on its ideas. This not-for-profit organization goes beyond donation to “real help”.
Who can genuinely relate fashion with charity work, or who might have thought that a not-for-profit organization can use fashion for humanitarian aid?

Surely relating fashion with Charity may seem as a myth to many, but to UCOF it´s just a reality that comes with lots of ecstatic activities. Yes, fashion can be used for humanitarian aid here. Charity donations, it´s not always about donating money but doing what you do best and what you enjoy most to help those in need. Inspired by their family calamities, Ciano Clerjuste, the president and chairman of the board, Veronica Rovegno, Vice President – and a lot of other fashionistas, Wall Street bankers, socialites and philanthropisted listed on their website use fashion for humanitarian causes.

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By Lewis Ndlovu – South Africa

Johannesburg – Glamour, lights, models and designers are all words synonymous with fashion shows. And when you add fashion week to it, you tend to think of a high profile fashion event with packed nights of bubbly champagne, caviar and stunning models on the runway wearing but the best of designer gear. True. But how many times have you associated a top fashion event with a charitable cause? Probably not. Charity work doesn’t have to be always behind closed doors, because in some ways, when celebrities and designers extend their hand to help someone in need, it attracts many people, thereby helping it to gain more attention from millions around the world.

United Colours Of Fashion, a New York based non-profit organisation that has supported many noble causes was recently in Johannesburg for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which was held in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

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United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) presents a “Bon Voyage Affair” at PRANNA

New York, NY – United Colors Of Fashion, which uses fashion for humanitarian is due to travel to South Africa on March 6th to do charity work at the Soweto Hospice. Prior to departure, the organization is having a stylish “Bon Voyage Affair” on March 3, 2012.

Presented by PRANNA, the organization is expecting an audience full of fashionistas, fashion gurus, celebrities, Wall Street bankers and the fashion and lifestyle media.

A talented fashion designer, who has built a name with private celebrity clients in New York, Mariam Conde, is set to present her current collection, “Femme Progressive.” Ms. Conde has trained in high-end evening wear in the Ateliers of OSCAR DE LA RENTA, During her tenure with Mr. Oscar , she has collaborated with renowned designers to produce some of the world´s most coveted garments and accessories. She further enhanced her high-end style and quality construction skills at Carolina Herrera.
“I dress for a cause, a progressive cause. In her story and spirit, I find my inspiration,” says Conde.

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