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UCOF and David Tlale: A Presentation of Perfection

BY: Laura Eustache
Reported BY: Alisha Frederick


NEW YORK – On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, while some may have been out at Valentine´s Day dinner, the UCOF team was hard at work making sure South African designer David Tlale´s show was going off without a hitch.
And without a hitch it went!

Presented before dignitaries, socialites and fashion fanatics alike, Tlale´s collection was displayed in a showcase; instead of having models walk a typical runway, Tlale´s setup gave on-lookers an opportunity to browse his collection up-close and personal.

This approach fit very well with the sounds of mellow African drumming beats serving as the soundtrack to the event. Guests were treated to a variety of appetizers which included cocktail shrimp, choice fruits, nuts, and a bacon-lettuce arrangement. For drinks, there was an array of South African red and white wines.
Although there can be nothing more satisfying than a great selection of food and drink, guests were more amazed by Tlale´s Fall/Winter 2012 collection; many an “ooh, aah” could be heard by observers who appeared more than satisfied by what had been presented.

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Runway Ready: UCOF and NY Fashion Week Fall 2012


Look by David Tlale-picture by Raymond Preston

Only hours left before people get a taste of the fashion they’ve been waiting for! New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 is set to begin today and is currently the talk of the town. For many this means bright lights, new fashion, new colors and endless parties! Let’s not forget at least four outfit changes a day or street-side yellow-cab wars!

You just have to love New York even more during Fashion Week!

But for designers, this means much more than what we all anticipate; it’s putting forth the vision they´ve been working hard on for the upcoming season. A lot of hard work and chaos goes on behind- the- scenes during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. For this year, the action begins on February 9th lasting until the 16th. Top designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein will be unveiling collections for the Fall/Winter Season. Part of this year´s fashion is the campaign slogan: “You Can´t Fake Fashion” which is geared towards bringing awareness to counterfeit garments and accessories and their detriment to the fashion industry in general. Bringing awareness to this hot-button issue is not only brilliant but so crucial.

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Bisila Bokoko

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One of Our Advisors, Mrs. Bokoko Makes The Cover of Zen Magazine

Bisila Bokoko on the cover of Zen Magazine

Story by: Zen Magazine

Our generation is truly blessed with prominent & confident women who are not only strong leaders but are also positive role models to the millions of women searching for inspiration worldwide. Their ideas, insights & innovative approach towards situations & issues tells you that leadership isn’t just a role for men only, but also a role where women have succeeded in tremendously. From the way they dress, to the manner in which they interact and lead, these women have won our hearts & inspired us on several occasions – Bisila Bokoko is one of such women. Born in Spain from Equatorial Guinea parents, Bisila has created a name & built a formidable brand for herself over the past decade.

Since the first day we connected with Bisila, you could sense the desire in her tone to help Africa grow and develop into a world power. She is the Executive Director of The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in America; a role she has held since 2005. Apart from her commitment to international trade, she is also committed to her charity organization ‘The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP)’, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote literacy among the African people. She is also into the wine business; being the face behind a new wine brand available in Spain and in the U.S markets “Bisila Wines”. When you see Bisila, she reminds you of women such as Oprah, Michelle Obama & Brenda Fassie, women driven to succeed! Bisila hits our February cover with a bright professional look.

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Working from the Ground: UCOF Team Prepares for South Africa


Children At The Soweto Hospice in South Africa

Having established new goals for 2012, the team at United Colors of Fashion has made plans to begin tackling some of those endeavors. First on the list: gathering goods to bring on an anticipated trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. The date has been set for this coming March 6th -12th.

Traveling to the hospice was a decision made by the UCOF professionals to help them connect directly with the people they´ve been fundraising for annually. In preparation for this journey, the organization is asking people to gather no longer needed clothes, shoes, and even handbags to donate to the people of the hospice. The women of the hospice shops can then use these goods to resell and make a profit.

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UCOF, Making Strides for the New Year and Beyond


NEW YORK- It all started with a dream; to see fashion created by people who are extremely talented but just needed a chance to shine the same way he was given a chance. With the desire to give back in the arena of culture that matters most to him, Ciano Clerjuste, with Veronica Rovegno, were able to create “United Colors of Fashion.” With the support and help of an amazing team, and a lot of work, the UCOF group is watching their fruitful labor blossom.

In a 12-page spread in the November2011 issue of Vigore magazine, United Colors of Fashion is praised for being an organization of “highly energized professionals.” Clerjuste and co-founder, Ms. Veronica Rovegno, acknowledge that the most rewarding aspect of creating this organization, despite government bureaucracy and attorneys, is being able to use their talents, valuable time, expertise and fashion for humanitarian causes. Vigore´s coverage of UCOF´s success and positive impact mentions how its founders managed to overcome much and is now legally listed as a charitable institution in New York State.

This charitable organization´s mission is to enlist creative, gifted but underprivileged artists from New York City who have dreams of being in the fashion/arts industry. UCOF´s main goal is to provide these aspiring artists with the tools necessary for that success by training them to put together credible, sound, yet high-end fashion shows; something that may look simple on shows like Project Runway but actually take lots of hard work, dedication and guidance. And guidance is something selected young artists won´t go without because UCOF´s dedicated team members, each season, work endless hours to put together an elite group of international designers here in NYC to produce a top-notch show. In this facet, these aspiring artists are able to work hands-on with top designers, gaining the experience needed for their own future successes.

Along with working to help these young artists achieve their goals, UCOF has charitable roots in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they donate proceeds from their Annual Gala Soiree to the Soweto Hospice. There, UCOF´s Charity Care Program offers financial assistance to persons suffering from sickle cell, paralysis and HIV/AIDS. Their goal for 2012 and beyond as mentioned in Vigore is “to open other branches around the world to enrich as many lives as possible.” This goal, as well as many others, is both high and running parallel with their passion for the arts and their concern for humanity. UCOF´s mission is to continue to put forth the excellence needed to keep pushing the envelope in their love for fashion and humanitarism.

The additional team members working for UCOF are: Juan E. Torres, Cheve Chan, Lovely Atis, Ivan Suarez and Alexandra Rautionmaa, to name a few. The organization also has a diverse group of international advisors-some are based in New York and others in Los Angeles and South Africa.

Juan Torres with Amparo Chorda & Cristina

Lovely Atis backstage

UNITED COLORS OF FASHION IS GRATEFUL FOR THEIR 2011 HONORARY CHAIR AND STYLIST: Kimberly Garrett-The Awesomely Talented Stylist Uses Fashion For Humanitarian Causes

News By UCOF

Planning a crème -de -la – crème International collective fashion show and Gala requires more than just a visionary and enthusiastic progression of an idea.  For United Colors Of Fashion, finding the right team of people each season is the key for the success to its charity events.

A few months ago, when the founding partners of the organization, Ciano Clerjuste and Veronica Rovegno were brainstorming and sorting out nominees to fulfill the role of honorary chair and stylist for the International Fashion Spectacle and Gala at hand, they had a few options.  The idea was to reach out and invite a well known “It girl “, whom is an extremely experienced individual in the fashion industry- and would simultaneously be an amazing role model for our young and gifted artists and willing to donate valuable time and expertise to help us serve our mission, which is “Fashion For Humanitarian Causes.”

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News by UCOF

[singlepic id=159 w=500 h=560 float=left]

Every Fashion week season, Albertus Swanepoel collaborates with a plethora of top designers and custom designs hats for each look of their collections. The awesomely talented and humble Millener, has join forces with fashion icons such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, Carolina Herrera, Peter Som, Erin Fetherston, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Betsy Johnson, Nathan Jenden, Costello Tagliapietra, Jason Wu and Araks, just to name a few.

A few months ago, The UCOF Founding partners, Ciano Clerjuste and Veronica Rovegno met with Mr. Swanepoel to ask for his support, and he was very welcoming and encouraging. Mr Swanepoel thought the organization’s mission and vision of educating talented youth in New York about fashion was brilliant! And to show his backing, he offered to custom design hats for UCOF to auction off at its Gala Soiree and International Fashion Spectacle.

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NEW YORK, NY (September 12, 2011) -While fashion gurus from around the globe are in New York, the fashion capital of the world for the Spring 2012 Collections, United Colors of Fashion hosted their Gala Soiree and International Fashion Spectacle on Friday, September 9th, 2011, at The Pierre New York-A Taj Hotel.    

The soiree was to benefit the UCOF Charity Care Program-Soweto Hospice, South Africa ( and the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (  Over 400 people attended the event.  The organization recruited over 43 fashion students from FIT to work with them this season.

The five unique and tractioned fashion icons, which United Colors of Fashion has prudently selected from different parts of the world to come to NY for their collective show were: Amparo Chorda (Spain), Oliver Tolentino (Philippines, now LA-based), Louda Larrain (Russia, now NY-based), Eric Raisina (Cambodia), and David Tlale (South Africa).  Each designer presented twelve looks for the show. The collections were amazing

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United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) Announces A Gala Soiree And International Fashion Show – New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 Collections

NEW YORK, NY (August 5, 2011) – As fashion gurus from around the globe are preparing to hit the ground running in the fashion capital of the world for the Spring 2012 Collections, United Colors of Fashion announces their Gala Soiree and International Fashion Spectacle to take place during the second day of NY Fashion Week: Friday, September 9th, 2011, at The Pierre Hotel.

The event will benefit the UCOF Charity Care Program-Soweto Hospice, South Africa ( and the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (

United Colors of Fashion, which hand picks designers with that certain something, has prudently selected five unique and tractioned fashion icons from different parts of the world to come to NY for their collective show: Oliver Tolentino (Philippines, now LA-based), Amparo Chorda (Spain), Louda Larrain (Russia, now NY-based), Eric Raisina (Cambodia), and David Tlale (South Africa). Each designer will present twelve looks for the show.

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NEW YORK, NY (July 2011)-United Colors Of Fashion, Inc. (UCOF) is proud to announce its official hair sponsor for this season, Hair & The City. The trendy mid-town salon will be creating all of the beautiful hairstyles on the runway for the show. The salon, which is a regular at styling models for New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is thrilled about the opportunity, and eagerly looking forward to partnering with the amazing designers who will be showing at this collective show. [singlepic id=135 w=360 h=540 float=center]

The Director of hair for the collective show will be, Nina Bougherara. A native of France, whom has been in the industry for over twenty-five years. Ms. Bougherara started in the industry at age fourteen as an apprentice in France. She is a colorist, hairstylist and makeup artist. She became a colorist expert by L´Oreal Academy De Paris. She has done a plethora of shows in the past during New York Fashion Week. She enjoys what she does to the fullest and excels at it. “I am honored to be working with UCOF on this amazing project. I take the responsibility, which Ciano has given to me very seriously, and plan to exceed his expectations,” said Ms. Bougherara with pride and contentment. To help bring the visions the designers have to reality, Ms. Bougherara will be working with her business partners, Scott Wasserman, another experienced hair stylist in the fashion industry-and Altjana Banja, a veteran of the beauty industry, and has always played an integral role in NY Fashion Week for several consecutive years.

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