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by Ada Onuegbe

United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) continues to partner with various New York City High Schools to host Career Day Programs. UCOF will be sharing information about fashion careers and business opportunities with students in grades through 9-12 at the following schools:

Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers

Annual Career Day

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 11:30-3pm

411 Pearl Street, New York City, NY 10038

UCOF Vice President of Fashion Education Michael Palladino worked with MBHS Principal Naima Cook to present the 2015 Fashion Career Exploration Day. Breakout sessions were presented by fashion industry insiders who shared their experiences with Murry Bergtraum students. Sessions included Styling, Fashion Magazines, the Business of Fashion and Event Planning to name a few. We are looking forward to returning to Murry Bergtraum and furthering student engagement.

Lower East Side Preparatory High School (LESP)

Annual Career Fair

Wednesday March 23rd, 2016 – 11:00 AM to 2:20PM.

145 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

UCOF participated in the school’s career event last year, presenting Personal Branding workshop. We are looking forward to returning for the 2016 Career Fair and developing our ongoing partnership with the school.

Flushing High School

“5th Annual Career Conference: Visualize Your Future”

Saturday, April 9, 2016 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

35-01 Union Street Flushing, NY 11354

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response by students at last year’s Career Conference, we are excited to be returning and speaking with Flushing High School students at this years Conference.

For any information on our Fashion Career Explorations Day, Fashion Education Seminar program, or general inquiries please contact Michael Palladino:

Thank You for attending the 2013 Annual Gala

Thank you photo-Gala 2013
Dear Supporters,

On behalf of myself and the entire United Colors of Fashion team, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support of our organization and our cause.

On October 9th, we held our annual gala at the historic Lexington Avenue Armory in
New York City and it successfully fulfilled what UCOF believes in — FAITH. HOPE.
FASHION. We remain faithful that our mission to empower youth through fashion will
launch the careers of our interns, while we provide hope for their futures and for our
children in Soweto, South Africa through the magical medium of fashion.

It was such a privilege to have Fern Mallis, fashion industry leader and the renowned
creator of New York Fashion Week, as the Honorary Chair for the event. Legendary
supermodel Pat Cleveland has made invaluable contributions to the worlds of fashion
and the arts, and was honored with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. Ms Cleveland was presented with the award by Bethann Hardison, and was accompanied onstage by supermodels of the 1980’s including Carla Hall, Coco Mitchell, Patricia Tracey, Jamie Foster, and Linda Morand, among several others.

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BY: Jamil Khan

Our model, Bisi at Mapetla Day Care with us holding a child - Soweto, South Africa

Our model, Bisi at Mapetla Day Care with us holding a child – Soweto, South Africa

JOHANNESBURG – March 2013 realized the long awaited visit of United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) to South Africa. The annual charity trip, which lasted from March 6th – 13th, will be engraved in our minds and hearts forever.

The trip served as a dual-purpose visit, due to the coincidental merger of our Charity Care and Fashion Education programs, taking us to the humility of Soweto and the flamboyance of Joburg Fashion Week.

Sade working inside David's studio in South Africa.

Sade working inside David’s studio in South Africa.

Our Achiever of The Year, Sade Solomon, and our President, Ciano Clerjuste took all the wonderful work UCOF has done in the last year and presented it to South Africa in the true sense of Fashion For Humanity. Sade visited South Africa for the first time, where she underwent a rigorous training program under the guidance of David Tlale, Shaldon Kopman (Naked Ape) and Jan Malan (Umzingeli Productions). She was introduced first hand to the workings of the South African fashion industry, working backstage at the shows of prima designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg. She also learned how to produce and market a fashion show under the guidance of world-renowned show producer Jan Malan.

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Achiever Of The Year: Sade Solomon

BY: Jamil Khan

Sade Solomon

Sade Solomon

JOHANNESBURG – Every year United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) chooses an intern as the Top Intern of the Year. This intern is usually an outstanding fashion hopeful that has been learning all they can through our Fashion Education Program and working hard behind the scenes of UCOF.

The intern we’re honoring today takes hard work to a different level and therefore we are naming Sade Solomon our Achiever of the Year. This phenomenal young lady hails from South Bronx in New York, where graduating from high school is deemed nothing short of a miracle. Having faced insurmountable odds, Sade refused to accept the script circumstance handed her to live her life by. After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, she accepted a job as a caseworker for a New York City foster care agency. Being exposed to the sad reality of childhood dynamics for New York children, Sade decided her role as a caseworker was stifling her ability to do the best she could for her juvenile clients.

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New York Fashion Week: Then and Now

BY: Jamil Khan

David Tlale: Spring 2013 Collection

David Tlale: Spring 2013 Collection

JOHANNESBURG – Now one of the most exciting events in the Big Apple, held bi-annually, New York Fashion Week was once but a ploy to bring attention to American Fashion. First held in 1943 and named “Press Week”, it was organized by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert to divert attention from French fashion during World War II, when insiders of the fashion industry could not travel to Paris to see fashion shows. The aim of the event was to allow fashion journalists to see American creations, which they had previously ignored. Strangely, buyers were not invited and had to visit designers’ showrooms. Following the success of Press Week, American fashion soon started laying itself down on the pages of Vogue where French designs took sole occupancy for years.

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United Colors Of Fashion Presents “Hope Beyond Horizons” in New York

For Immediate Release

New York, NY (January 26, 2013) Fashion philanthropy organization, United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) is due to present an Avant-garde exhibition commencing on February 9 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, extending until March 2, 2013, at Rain NYC, located at 59 West 49th Street at Rockefeller Center.

United Colors Of Fashion, a 501 (C)(3) organization, which Vigore magazine calls an “epidemic of hope,” runs a fashion education program in New York City.
The program engages under-resourced youth with opportunities in fashion and exposes them to the fashion industry in its true form. This program is unique in that it is the only one in the United State that is offered to interns free of charge. In addition, the organization heavily provides financial assistance to children with HIV/AIDS in Soweto, Johannesburg in South Africa.

“Hope Beyond Horizons,” the name given to this exhibition, alludes the parallel hope and passion of aspiring artist, and that of those fighting for their lives in Soweto. A horizon is the depth as far as what the human eye can visually encompass, but UCOF offers exceeding hope beyond these limitations by providing individuals with inconceivable opportunities.

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A Merry UCOF Christmas!

United Colors Of Fashion 2012 Christmas Card

United Colors Of Fashion 2012 Christmas Card

BY: Jamil Khan

It is in giving that we receive, and what we receive is not always equal in form or proportion to what we gave. This is a concept that our world of concrete thinkers and organized successes often fail to grasp. The holiday season has become somewhat of a rat race of consumerism, in which the most ostentatious contender wins and we have lost sight of the symbolism behind Christmas. Do we really think that the commemoration of the birth of Christ was intended to placate one another with expensive gifts and in so doing bankrupt ourselves until the next season arrives? The character of Christ indeed contradicts this practice.

Of course, the Christmas spirit should be exciting for all and the tradition of exchanging gifts with loved ones is dearly cherished. So why not have yourself a United Colors Of Fashion Christmas and make a donation to our mission of helping kids with HIV/AIDS in Soweto, in lieu of Christmas gifts? Using the many gatherings that occur during this time, you can raise funds and encourage others to do the same, to give children in Soweto a glimpse of the Christmas we have experienced ad nauseam.

Another initiative of UCOF has been launched as the “Birthday Pledge”. We have offered the platform that is UCOF to allow people to use their birthdays as an opportunity to raise funds for our mission, instead of receiving gifts. Friends and family can make a 100% tax-deductible donation to our 501(c)(3) organization. This is the way we intend to honor the spirit of giving this season, and those to come.

Charity is often on many people’s minds, but the details of “where, how and who?” are often overwhelming. UCOF has made it a bit easier this holiday season, and we believe that giving is the gateway to happiness.

Thank you to our donors, sponsors, staff and followers – this year has been phenomenal and would have been impossible without you. The unending support for our mission has made our world a better place to live in and will make a colossal impact on the lives of our children. We commend you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Froehliche Weihnachten and a Happy New Year!

May God bless you!

Jamil Khan

Jamil Khan

Jamil Khan is a Psychology graduate from Stellenbosch University with a keen interest in fashion, social upliftment and research. He is a United Colors Of Fashion press intern, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

United Colors Of Fashion produces top interns through Fashion Education Program.

BY: Jamil Khan

JOHANNESBURG – Much has been written of the health related mission of United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) in recent weeks, which will culminate into our sojourn in South Africa in March 2013. Although it comprises a very important part of our work at UCOF, it is not the only part of that work. The UCOF Student Training Arts & Design (STAND) program promotes our aim to expose under resourced, creative fashion and design students to the many exciting opportunities in the fashion industry. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, board of directors and donors STAND is the first and only program of its kind that is offered to students, in the United States, at no cost. This program gives them a chance to start making their mark on the fashion industry and helps them to carve out their own career path in fashion. The program was conceptualized as a stepping-stone for students who are talented, but uninformed and unaware of the many opportunities that exist within the fashion industry.

The STAND program allows interns to learn in the areas of: Management, Media & Communications, Marketing, Design, Textiles, Accessories and Event Production. These fields of work are opened to our interns in the form of workshops, hands-on participation in fashion show production and internships with leading designers. We also assist interns to get scholarships to leading fashion schools and arrange presentations for newly graduated designers. All these opportunities give talented, aspiring fashion professionals a platform to be recognized and integrated into the industry.

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United Colors Of Fashion announces “World AIDS Month” for testing and awareness.

BY: Jamil Khan

JOHANNESBURG – Getting to zero might not always be perceived as a good thing, but it is an imperative goal to which all of us must strive. The world has 34 million people living with HIV and more than two thirds of them live in developing countries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A further three quarters of the 2.5 million new infections that occurred in 2011, were born in these developing countries. This is why “Getting to Zero” is the mission and slogan of the World AIDS day campaign for 2011 – 2015. World AIDS Day marks 2012 as its 24th year in solidarity against the scourge of HIV and the 31st year since AIDS was first reported.

The World AIDS Day campaign aims to spread the message that the world wants “Zero new HIV infections”, “Zero discrimination” and “Zero AIDS related deaths” which echoes the UNAIDS vision. The World AIDS Campaign Director Africa, Linda Wafu, encourages nations to create their own goals of “Zero” as their specific societal needs dictate. Choosing a different zero or all three is an important step in turning the epidemic around and directing it to eradication.

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Nigel Barker Rocks The Boat: Do Something!

Nigel Barker

BY: Jamil Khan
JOHANNESBURG – How many times have the words “I don’t feel like eating that again” or “I don’t eat that” crossed your lips? An alarming reality strikes me when I hear those words – somewhere very close to me and you someone is saying: “I’m so hungry, I cannot bear to face this day!”
Those words are often drenched in tired tears falling from vacant eyes. Those tears roll over a face that has become the epidemic of our time; it is the face of POVERTY. Add to that the faces of disease, famine, and warfare and you’ll start hearing their voices too. A pretty gloomy outlook some would say, but it is an outlook that can be changed by making a change in your world.

At the United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) 2012 Annual Gala and International Fashion Benefit held on October 17th at the Museum of the City of New York, one of UCOF’s Honorary Chairs, Nigel Barker delivered a thought provoking speech on the power to make a difference.

“We can all do a lot more, in fact we can all do something. We all too often do very little. We take the easy road, we decide to actually cross the road when we see an issue and say somebody else can do something about that problem.” said Nigel Barker.

As a passionate protagonist for the fight against poverty and social injustice, Barker has used his talents as a storyteller, filmmaker and photographer to bring light to the suffering around the world. His passion has mobilized many of his friends and colleagues to join the fight. This is how he has “made a difference in his world”, as he put it.

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