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Thank You for attending the 2013 Annual Gala

Thank you photo-Gala 2013
Dear Supporters,

On behalf of myself and the entire United Colors of Fashion team, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support of our organization and our cause.

On October 9th, we held our annual gala at the historic Lexington Avenue Armory in
New York City and it successfully fulfilled what UCOF believes in — FAITH. HOPE.
FASHION. We remain faithful that our mission to empower youth through fashion will
launch the careers of our interns, while we provide hope for their futures and for our
children in Soweto, South Africa through the magical medium of fashion.

It was such a privilege to have Fern Mallis, fashion industry leader and the renowned
creator of New York Fashion Week, as the Honorary Chair for the event. Legendary
supermodel Pat Cleveland has made invaluable contributions to the worlds of fashion
and the arts, and was honored with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. Ms Cleveland was presented with the award by Bethann Hardison, and was accompanied onstage by supermodels of the 1980’s including Carla Hall, Coco Mitchell, Patricia Tracey, Jamie Foster, and Linda Morand, among several others.

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Ajak Deng & Sessilee Lopez wear their hearts on their sleeves for United Colors Of Fashion.

Ajak Deng-backstage at our Fashion Benefit- photo by Luan Luu

JOHANNESBURG – If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) 2012 Annual Gala and International Fashion Benefit would have opened even the most reluctant eyes to see. The UCOF benefit was held on October the 17th, at the Museum of the City of New York and themed as: “Be Glamorous, Glamor Gives”. When the call for giving went out, there was no lack of glamorous responses from industry legends such as Pat Cleveland and current runway divas such as Ajak Deng and Sessilee Lopez. Currently the hottest accessories to the runway, Deng and Lopez opened their hearts with thrilling enthusiasm to help the cause of UCOF by walking in our fashion show on the night.

The Gala was held in aid of our mission to raise funds for people with HIV at Soweto Hospice in Johannesburg, South Africa. UCOF also raises funds and awareness for sickle cell anemia and paralysis. We will visit South Africa in March, 2013 to spend time delivering gifts, handing over donations and engaging with patients at Soweto Hospice and the children at the associated Mapetla Day Care Center.

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Nigel Barker Rocks The Boat: Do Something!

Nigel Barker

BY: Jamil Khan
JOHANNESBURG – How many times have the words “I don’t feel like eating that again” or “I don’t eat that” crossed your lips? An alarming reality strikes me when I hear those words – somewhere very close to me and you someone is saying: “I’m so hungry, I cannot bear to face this day!”
Those words are often drenched in tired tears falling from vacant eyes. Those tears roll over a face that has become the epidemic of our time; it is the face of POVERTY. Add to that the faces of disease, famine, and warfare and you’ll start hearing their voices too. A pretty gloomy outlook some would say, but it is an outlook that can be changed by making a change in your world.

At the United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) 2012 Annual Gala and International Fashion Benefit held on October 17th at the Museum of the City of New York, one of UCOF’s Honorary Chairs, Nigel Barker delivered a thought provoking speech on the power to make a difference.

“We can all do a lot more, in fact we can all do something. We all too often do very little. We take the easy road, we decide to actually cross the road when we see an issue and say somebody else can do something about that problem.” said Nigel Barker.

As a passionate protagonist for the fight against poverty and social injustice, Barker has used his talents as a storyteller, filmmaker and photographer to bring light to the suffering around the world. His passion has mobilized many of his friends and colleagues to join the fight. This is how he has “made a difference in his world”, as he put it.

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