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An artist at heart with passion and true talent in haute couture fashion, Soucha the native Tunisian designer who left his home country at a young age to pursue his lifelong dream of educating himself and studying in one of the best and most prestigious european fashion designing school.

In 1987 he joined Accademia Italiana Della Moda: an Italian school of art, fashion, and design. Once graduated, the enthusiastic young artist started numerous internships in many admired fashion houses in Rome. Once he gained the essential practical experiences and understandings of the many diverse aspects of building a fashion house; he then decided to start his own path.

He subsequently went back to his native city, where he had the opportunity to work with many common current brands, up until he got the chance to participate as a costumes designer in an event called “Face Of Africa” in 1998; that was when he attracted the attention of those who were in charge of producing a project with a well-known singer in the Arab world, therefore they offered him the chance to be in charge of the decorations and the costumes in the project. 

That was the start of a lavish career in Cairo the capital of entertainment in the Arab world. 

His capital was his talent and willpower for success; he then positively proved himself and gained the reputation of being a creatively diverse and original designer, based on his creations which were distinguishable from what was available in the fashion market of the Middle East – North Africa region. 

Soucha Fashion, which was commercially launched in 1997, is now a brand that’s considered one of the leading fashion trend setters in the region, lead and chaired by the artist himself. It was then when Soucha became not only a talented artist, but also a business-man.

Choosing Egypt out of all the countries he’s been though building up himself, he established an Haute Couture Design – Fashion House; where fashion design, manufacturing, and retailing outlet entities are the three main principles involved. Providing unique creations mainly to the A class society of Egypt and many other countries of the MENA Region.

Soucha Fashion House today has auxiliary plans for retail expansions other than the current outlet; it has also achieved esteemed reputation and obtained numerous awards for talent and trend originality.

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