Fashion Education Program Application


Fashion Education Program Admission Application

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How did you hear about our fashion education program?


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Emergency Contacts

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Areas of Interest in Fashion

Please list for us the areas in the world of fashion that interest you. (For example: Styling, Event Planning, Fashion Magazines, etc.)


Please share with us any activities in which you participate outside of school.


Student Dependency Information

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Financial Information

How much does each household make in a year?

Student Finances
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Educational Track

Educational track of your interest

Medical Information

Please list any of the following: Current medication, medication allergies, food allergies, chronic health concerns.

Essay Questions

Please compose a thoughtful response to each of the following essay questions.
Each response should be at least two to three paragraphs.

  1. Why are you applying to the UCOF Fashion Education program and what do you hope to gain?
  2. What does fashion mean to you?
  3. How has fashion impacted your life?

Letters of Recommendation (2)

Please submit two letters of recommendation: one from a parent or relative, the second from a teacher. The letters are considered important parts of this application.


By signing below, you are verifying that above information has been read, reviewed and filled out according to your best understanding.

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Thank you for completing and submitting this application. As part of the application process we will follow up with a scheduled phone interview.

The Fashion Education Department



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