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Empowering Youth through Fashion Education.

United Colors of Fashion Inc. (UCOF) Academy is a New York City-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fashion-focused:

to under-resourced youth in New York City. Under our UCOF Academy Educates: STAND, these youth are afforded opportunities to pursue their fashion careers free of charge to them. As fashion students leave school, they forfeit access to school facilities such as sewing machines, steamers and well-equipped workspace in which to create.

Due to the repayment of student loans and the inability to find work after graduation, many cannot afford to purchase items on their own, and their dream of becoming a designer gives way to harsh reality. To date, 80% of new designers go out of business within two years of inception due to lack of resources, funding and support. UCOF Academy aims to alleviate the burden of these students, allowing them to apply what they have learned in school and build their own brand.

UCOF Academy Cares: Initiative

UCOF Academy Cares: Initiative harnesses the fashion community’s compassion for those suffering with HIV/AIDS to bring relief to victims in developing countries that lack access to adequate medical care. It is estimated that 67% of the 33 million people suffering from HIV/AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa. In South Africa alone, there are 300,000 children living with HIV/AIDS and another 1.4 million who have been orphaned by the disease.

Since 2010, UCOF Academy Cares: Initiative has provided funds and supplies to 100 children living with HIV in South Africa. UCOF Academy partners with Mapetla Day Care in South Africa to provide financial assistance, food, and clothing to young children suffering from HIV/AIDS. UCOF Academy Cares: Initiative plans to expand this program to other parts of the world as our organization gains more traction.

We are registered with the following companies as United Colors of Fashion Incorporated:


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