My Journey in South Africa as Achiever of the Year

BY Sade Solomon

Sade Solomon in South Africa

Sade Solomon in South Africa

I knew that on this journey to South Africa, gratitude would be one quality I would have to take home with me. However, I didn’t expect that I would feel so grateful on the first day of my trip.
On day 1, I traveled from the airport to the studio of David Tlale who is renowned as the Marc Jacobs of South Africa. Upon arrival I was introduced to his amazing team of pattern-makers, seamstresses, tailors and designers.
In the spirit of UCOF I was put straight to work.

Of all the people I met and conversed with at David’s studio, about 90% of them have a dream and/or desire to visit, live or work in NYC. In their eyes you can see the burning desire to visit this city they deem the Capital of Fashion.
This is when gratitude began to kick in and I realized how truly blessed I am to be in the fashion industry in NYC. If I could bring them all back to NYC with me to visit the land they’ve always dreamed about, I would.

I wish we could bring one person from David’s studio to visit with him and get the same experience he gets.

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