Look Du Jour: Ariana Levy (and Gabrielle Levy)


Name: Ariana Levy (and Gabrielle Levy)

Age: 23

Current City: New York City Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Occupation: Assistant Fashion Designer/ Fashion Blogger

Blog: Twinseperable.com
How would you describe your personal style?

As cliché as this sounds, I wouldn’t say I have any definitive style. When it comes to life, I try to lead and not follow. However, I love following trends because my taste changes so often that fashion gives me a way to try new things and new personalities season to season. One season I can be totally boho-chic, and another I can be decked out in black and grunge to the max. But regardless of the trends, or even the time of year for that matter, I am the most comfortable in a great pair of skinny jeans, Adidas, and a solid black tee.

My interest in fashion started when I was much younger and I fell in love with an outfit my “cool” older cousin was wearing. Looking back, we laugh because she’s not much older than me and the outfit was pretty basic, but for some reason it flipped a switch and I couldn’t turn it off. I learned that outfits and clothes allowed me to differentiate myself from others in a unique and creative way. Growing up a triplet, making myself feel like an individual was really important and I think has a lot to do with how confident I am most of the time– we all have shaky days. 
Can you tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start a blog?

The blog is called Twinseperable, and it was started by my twin and me. The title is pretty self-explanatory. We do everything together including going to college at Syracuse University. I studied fashion design and fashion communications and she studied photography and political science. When we graduated and moved to the city, our mom (now known to us as our momager) suggested we start a blog to document our life. I would create the outfits, Gaby would shoot them and we would write silly things here and there and it would be great. We also post lifestyle-y things and music related content. At first, we were AWFUL at it. I think we maybe had one post a week on a good week, and no real formula to the types of posts and no schedule for when they would go live. We would take my outfit pictures on our cell phones (even though Gaby had a professional camera) and didn’t really know just how big of an industry it really was. I don’t exactly remember when we decided to do it for real, but we started doing research on successful blogs, and bloggers and realized that between the two of us and our combined knowledge and experience in so many aspects of fashion and journalism, we could really have something that people might find worth reading. Since then, we have invested in new equipment and post religiously. Our shoots take place on the weekends, and we write our content after work most nights. Since I work in fashion, I am constantly doing trend research so it is easy for me to be up to date on trends and I gain inspiration from the runways, street style, and even other bloggers. 

Do you have any advice for students who would like to get into fashion blogging?

I would definitely recommend blogging to anyone who is interested. It’s a creative way to document and share information and media. The most important advice I would give is to see if you can do it for a while and produce quality content on the simplest, most user-friendly platform (we started with Tumblr and it’s a great stepping stone). If you post regularly, and find that people are interested, then you should consider upgrading your platform (now we use WordPress). The reason I suggest a trial is because using a more involved and complicated platform takes a lot of getting used to.
It is a huge time investment, and sometimes a financial investment too (if you eventually want to invest in coders and optimization). If you’re not going to blog regularly using the simplest platform, then you can be sure you won’t take the time to learn and post on a more complicated one. Also, promoting a blog that you don’t keep up with can hurt your legitimacy and credibility, both of which you should work hard to improve and maintain.
Some days, if our page doesn’t have a lot of traffic I get down and think that we are coming late to the blogging party that is already full of incredible talent, but I remind myself that first and foremost we love what we do- so if the rest of the world doesn’t follow our blog right now, who cares? We’ve grown in such a short period of time and I really believe it’s because we genuinely enjoy it and it really is quite special. Slow and steady growth in an industry that is so much about insta-fame might actually help create a more stable brand for the future. Find something that makes you different and just run with it.


What do you think of UCOF’s mission and presence in the fashion industry?

I think UCOF’s mission and presence in the fashion industry is invaluable and very, very special. Fashion is a medium for expression that is as important as studio art or music, not to mention a massive industry. Connecting students with industry professionals and giving them an opportunity to lead and achieve is incredibly important

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