Jamil Khan

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Jamil Khan has worn many hats in his career and all of them have left a lasting impression on the multifaceted individual he presents himself as now. He has carried the titles; Executive Personal Assistant, reporter and journalist, but he most cherishes his role as a writer.

He once had aspirations to be a Clinical Psychologist. His desire to become one was guided by a need to help others and make a difference in the world. By the time he had finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Life Sciences and a subsequent Honours degree in Psychology he realized that he had many untapped talents that could just as effectively help others.

It was when he started writing for UCOF in 2012 that he discovered his passion and talent for writing. His crafty use of words has the ability to move his readers and brings the subject matter to life in such vivid color that the reader lives the story.

“I’ve always made a very clear distinction between being a reporter and writer. I am a writer. I use words to evoke imagery and emotion while packaging facts in way that allows people to experience them as intensely as the lived experience of the people I write about,” he says.

Jamil currently practices as a freelance writer and creative director for private clients.

He is also currently writing a book, which will be an autobiographical account of life lessons he credits with shaping the person he is today. His passion for writing is renewed every day by the writings of Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, George Orwell and William Shakespeare. “My main objective with this book is to inspire people to tell their stories.

Too often people think little of the impact their lives have had and could still have on others. We need to share our experiences so that we can connect as humans. Communication will help us understand each other better and ultimately allow us to let go of our prejudices. My hope is that this book will inspire communication,” he says.

Jamil Khan credits life as his greatest teacher and lives his life by the simple principles of sincerity, accountability and productivity.
“Toni Morrison once said’ ‘if there is a book that you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it’. I find that to be a perfect metaphor for the way I live my life. If I want something to be done or said, then I must do it,” says Khan.

As a writer he considers himself a storyteller and believes his role to be important to the development of the human condition – a value that aligns perfectly with the mission of UCOF.

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