Wladimir Gilbert

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Graphic Designer

An experienced Visual Communication Designer/Animator with over five years of freelance experience in print and interactive creative, Wladimir Gilbert has had his hands on a wide range of projects including strategic marketing, brand identity, packaging, film making and web design, to name a few.

Wladimir has a passion for graphic design and photography. He enjoys the wide range of projects and varied clients he creates for. In 2008, he received two Bachelor Degrees from Bloomfield College, in Animation (emphasis: 2D Traditional Animation) and in graphic Design

Nine years ago, Wladimir saw an ad posted on bulletin board at the college’s student center seeking volunteers at a nursing home. He arrived for an interview with Pam Grey, Recreation Manager and was thrilled to be accepted into the program. As a volunteer he’s had the privilege to learn some valuable life lessons from the residents who opened the doors to their lives and shared some extraordinary stories of joy, sadness, pride and laughter.

Wladimir is committed to giving, particularly for a great cause; which is the reason why he offered to volunteer his time and service as a graphic designer for UCOF. For Wladimir, volunteering is a way of life. His goal in life is to inspire others to give back in any way they can, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Wladimir’s motto has always been ”to listen and take advice”. Working hands-on alongside a team of professionals at UCOF has been an unimaginable experience and volunteering his service to an organization he shares the same core values with is priceless.

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